The Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery provides compassionate state-of-the art medical care, educating the dermatologists of tomorrow, advancing medical knowledge, and being a community partner. The Department seeks to develop leaders in dermatology, who as independent thinkers and lifelong learners will lead the field of dermatology through ethical evidence-based practice, with innovative ideas and by the performance of novel, high quality research.

The Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery is actively fundraising for the following initiatives:

The William H. Eaglstein, M.D. Chair in Wound Healing
Chair in Pediatric Dermatology
Ibis “Tere” Calcines Administrative Office
Prof. David Taplin Fund

To inquire about these fundraising efforts or to contribute to our Department’s missions, please contact our Vice Chair for Administration, Ms. Monica Calcines, at 305-243-4472 or our Chair, Dr. Robert Kirsner, at 305-243-6735.

Thank you for your support!