Kirsner Lab : Research Interests

Description of Research Interests

Research – Wound Healing

Hypothesizing that autologous skin grafts behaved not merely as skin replacement, but as a stimulus to healing imparted by the graft, our group has been integral in the development and application of tissue engineered skin from clinical trials to practice. We have been involved in understanding the mechanism by which grafts, as well as cell and tissue therapy work. We have been active in a variety of clinical trials studying devises, drugs, dressings and physical modalities important in wound repair and additionally our efforts have focused on understanding the nature of refractory non healing wounds on both a cellular and molecular level.

Research – Skin Cancer

My research focus on skin cancer has focused on the epidemiology of skin cancer, specifically primary and secondary prevention. We have identified deficiencies and subsequent obstacles to cancer screening. Our primary prevention efforts include studying school aged students, while efforts related to secondary prevention (screening) have been focused on population based data. Based in south Florida, my research team developed an interest in skin cancer among Hispanics. Demonstrating that ultraviolet light is also associated with melanoma in Hispanic and black populations and poorer outcomes from skin cancer in these populations, we studying mechanisms for and approaches to correcting these and other skin cancer disparities.