Gil Yosipovitch Lab

Gil Yosipovitch Lab

Gil Yosipovitch Lab - Team Photo

The Miami Itch Center, directed by Dr. Gil Yosipovitch, is one of the nation’s only comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinics dedicated to the diagnosis and management of a variety of itchy conditions including: atopic eczema, psoriasis, prurigo nodularis, and neuropathic itch. We also provide educational programs for patients and families suffering from atopic dermatitis and other conditions of chronic itch.

Dr. Yosipovitch treats a variety of chronic itch conditions, including itch without rash, neuropathic itch, and itch associated with systemic diseases. He sees patients from all over the U.S at the Lennar Medical Foundation as well as South Miami Clinic in Coral Gables. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yosipovitch or for questions about your appointment, call 305-243-6704. Patients can also contact us through myUChart.

At the Miami Itch Center, our researchers are highly engaged in translational research – the process of turning scientific findings into new forms of diagnosis and treatment—with the goal of bringing new and better treatments to patients. The Miami Itch Center is actively involved in research that advances the understanding of itch and itch-related skin diseases. The scope of our research extends from human studies, including brain imaging and assessing itch and new treatments, as well as animal models of chronic itch using state-of-the-art imaging, including optogenetics and molecular biology. We are continuously recruiting participants for new and ongoing studies related to these topics. Should you be interested in participating in any of these studies, or have any questions regarding studies that might not be listed, please contact us at 305-588-9734 or

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Miami Itch Center Team

  • Director and Professor Dr. Gil Yosipovitch, MD
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Tasuku Akiyama, PhD
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Hideki Mochizuki, PhD
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Leigh Nattkemper, PhD
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Kento Sakai, PhD
  • Graduate Student Kristen Sanders, MS
  • Research Fellow Dr. Takashi Hashimoto, MD/PhD
  • Medical Student (1-year research fellowship) Emilie Fowler, BS
  • Medical Student (1-year research fellowship) Christina Kursewicz, BS

Lab Alumni

  • Research Fellow Dr. Anna Fostini, MD
  • Medical Student (1-year research fellowship) Jordan Rosen, BS
  • Medical Student Jeremy Hsiang, BS
  • Research Fellow Dr. Hjalte Andersen, PhD