Evangelos Badiavas Lab : Research


Evangelos Badiavas MD. PhD is a Professor at the Department of Dermatology University of Miami. His NIH-RO1 funded research focuses on autologus stem cells in human chronic wounds, whereas his two DOD recent awards are developing laser-assisted delivery systems for burn wounds. In addition, Dr. Badiavas has an active clinical practice and dermatopathology consulting practice. He serves on grant review sessions for NIH, Department of Defense and is a member of Interdisciplinary Stem Cell institute.

He has been actively involved in bone marrow, dermatology and translational research for more than 20 years and was among the first to describe the trafficking and engraftment of bone marrow cells to wounded skin and the conversion of bone marrow cells to skin structures. He was the first to describe the delivery of fresh bone marrow aspirate and cultured bone marrow cells to the chronic wounds. Having worked in this area for years, he is very well versed in all recent regulatory aspects of cell-based therapeutics. He has worked on, published and presented these findings in several preclinical studies for wounds including rodent and pig models.