Education & Training : Miami Eczema School

Miami Eczema School

Eczema School Overview

The Miami Eczema School consists of two weekend sessions, each lasting approximately three hours. A total of 6 – 12 patients with Atopic Dermatitis or parents of patients with atopic dermatitis will be invited to participate in the school. The Eczema School focuses on the pediatric population and the parents of these patients; however, the Eczema School is open to patients of any age. The school will be led by healthcare providers specializing in dermatology, psychology, nursing, and nutrition.

Aims of the Miami Eczema School:

  • To educate and clarify misconceptions that participants have about atopic dermatitis and its management
  • To empower children with atopic eczema and their parents to more successfully self-manage their skin condition
  • To increase awareness among health providers of holistic multidisciplinary approaches to treat atopic eczema in children and adults

Overview of Session A (Day 1)

  • Participant and leader introductions
  • Expectations of the Miami Eczema School
  • Introduction to the Miami Eczema School
  • Medical background on Atopic Dermatitis (AD)
  • Focusing on positive aspects of the child (What do I especially like about my child?)
  • Behavioral management of itching
  • Group Discussion: Information about ways to reduce scratching
  • Psychological burden and sleeping disorders
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • What does the skin of a child with atopic dermatitis look like?
  • Unique clothing for a child suffering from AD?
  • Methods of skin care
  • Overview on bathing
  • Take-home assignments

Overview of Session B (Day 2)

  • Relationship between food and AD
  • Information about a well-balanced diet that is suitable for children
  • Food intolerance in AD
  • Application and structure of specific diets
  • Medical treatments for AD
  • Closure & summary