Dermatopathology : Wound Pathology

Wound Expertise at the University of Miami

Under the direction of Dr. Robert Kirsner, the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery is home to one of the largest and most well-established Wound Centers in the country. We provide state-of-the-care care for wound patients and are also the center for many cutting-edge clinical trials and animal studies. These investigations involve the use of new pharmaceuticals, unique dressing and delivery systems, bioengineered tissues and stem cells.

We also have a unique and highly specialized Wound Dermatopathology Service.

Our unique and highly specialized Wound Dermatopathology Service provides:

Unique expertise—- Our board-certified skin pathologists are well-recognized in the histologic evaluation of wounds and actively contribute to the wound healing literature. They are also clinicians with experience in the assessments and treatment of wound patients. These experts, Drs. George Elgart, Paolo Romanelli, and Evangelos Badiavas, will work with you to provide a fuller picture of the wound.

More biopsy information—- Wound care clinicians are often frustrated by the limited information returned in a biopsy report. Understanding the critical elements in wound biopsy specimens is vital to helping the clinician design an appropriate treatment plan. Our pathologists use established methods and knowledge based on their investigational studies, which allow for a more relevant and complete evaluation of wound specimens.

Advancement of wound care—- Wound specimens provided to us are an invaluable resource to investigators in providing insight into the pathophysiology of wounds.