Dermatopathology : Hair Pathology

Hair Pathology

The Hair Dermatopathology Service in the Department of Dermatology provides a highly specialized service for patients with hair disorders which incorporates the following modalities.

Expert Diagnosis of Hair Disorders through Collaboration with Clinicians

Our hair pathology service offers a unique opportunity for the accurate diagnosis of scarring and non-scarring alopecia. Our technical personnel and Dermatopathologists are specifically trained in the processing and interpretation of horizontal scalp biopsies. Our team has numerous publications documenting clues for the diagnosis of alopecia and has proposed a new simple method to distinguish scarring from non-scarring alopecia on low power examination. The pathology team works in close collaboration with clinical experts in hair disorders at the Dermatology Clinic at the University of Miami Hospital and where patients are also referred to them by the community dermatologists. In addition we are pleased to be able to offer consults for diagnosis and management of difficult cases.

Expert Analysis of Horizontal H&E Sections

Punch biopsies are bisected in order to obtain horizontal sections which allow for assessment of all the follicles at several levels along the length of the follicle. They are superior to vertical sections because they can identify focal disease and yield information on follicular counts and ratios which are important in non-scarring alopecias.

Scarring Alopecia<br />
Non-scarring, chronic telogen effluvium

An Exclusive Opportunity for Training

To our knowledge this is the only hair pathology service offered in Florida and there are few other services offered nationwide which details the hair counts to aid in the final diagnosis. We offer educational opportunities for training dermatologists and dermatopathologists interested in hair disorders. Please call 305-243-4472 to discuss setting up an appointment.