Barbara Bedogni Lab

Barbara Bedogni Lab

Principal Investigator: Barbara Bedogni, Ph.D.

Melanoma skin cancer, basic mechanisms of melanoma development and progression, animal models of melanoma, therapeutics.

Research Summary – Dr. Bedogni studies mechanisms involved in the development and metastatic dissemination of melanoma. This is of great importance considering that the survival rate of patients with metastatic melanoma is still less than 10%. Among the interests of her research are the understanding of how key embryonic developmental pathways play a role in the pathogenesis of melanoma and what impact they have on the tumor mediated immune responses. Research in her lab has identified Notch1 and ERBB3 as two key embryonic developmental pathways involved in melanomagenesis. Her lab has designed novel anti Notch1 and anti ERBB3 selective inhibitors to test their efficacy in melanoma models of disease. Additionally, he lab has identified Notch1 as a key modulator of melanoma immunosuppression, making it an excellent target for therapies combining clinical inhibitors, such as anti PD1 and anti CTLA4 with novel Notch1 inhibitors to improve responses. Several projects are being addressed in the Bedogni lab all geared towards identifying the mechanisms that lead to melanoma development and progression as a prerequisite for the development of new, more effective, therapies.



Associate Professor
Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center