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Our Staff

Providing compassionate state-of-the art medical care, educating the dermatologists of tomorrow, advancing medical knowledge, and being a community partner takes extraordinary teamwork. Luckily, we have an extraordinary team who takes great pride in carrying out the missions of our deparment.

All of the members of our department play a vital role in fulfilling our missions.


Monica Calcines, J.D. – Vice Chair for Administration
Lucy Baldelomar – Billing Manager
Peggy Betancourt – Director, Medical Billing, Clinical and Dermatopathology Services
Radel Dupeiron – Practice Manager
David Lewis, Ph.D. – Sr. Program Manager
Jose Ortiz – Finance Manager
Maria Palomino, MBA – Senior Manager, Business Operations
Jacquelyn Salazar – Manager, Business Operations
Marcela Salgado – Research Coordinator
Yuli Simon – Sr. Residency Coordinator

Administrative Office

Monica Calcines
Anthony Feria
Clara Ibarra
David Lewis
Jose Ortiz
Maria Palomino
Jacquelyn Salazar
Yuli Simon

Clinical Personnel

Peggy Betancourt
Azucena D. Blandon
Israel Borrego JR
Jorge Carrillo
Carlos Casas
Crisseyda Castillo
Dayan Dalmao
Radel Dupeiron
Melanie Garcia
Mercedes Garcia
Merilyn Garcia
Yaoska Garcia
Gladys Goins
Ana D. Gonzalez
Barbara Gonzalez
Claudia Gutierrez
Maricelys Ibanez Nordelo
Ronald Lacayo
Monica Micin
Yadira Napoles Diaz
Roberto Peña Reyes
Ileana Puig Reyes
Valeria Quinonez
Ignacio Sanchez
Gloria Sanin-Velez
Yesenia Sebastia, ARNP
Cristina Sosa
Diana Valdes
Jacqueline Vazquez-Garcia

Billing Personnel

Lucrecia Baldelomar
Sandra Laboy
Yessy Loynd
Ayolia Martinez
Mercedes Sigarroa


Maria Alfonso
Peggy Betancourt
Maria Dominguez-Torres
Maria Jose Morejon
Maria L. Ortiz
Carmen Perez
Ileana Puig Reyes
Fabiola Rivera-Morales
Cynthia Rodriguez
Yuliet Valdes

Research Personnel

Luis Borda
Ambar Candanedo
David Castillo
Aliette Espinosa
Morabia Flores Rios
Kyung Rok Min
Joel Gil Rodriguez
Wellington Guzman
Ingrid Herskovitz
Alexander Higa
Penelope Hirt
Assuan Lens
Luis Rodriguez-Menocal
Marcela Salgado
Michael Solis
Jose Valdes Muguercia